ProMedica Memorial Hospital Mental Health and Sleep Lab

Telamon Construction built out the lower level shell space of the existing building by constructing 14 counselors’ offices with support spaces on the mental health side.

The project also included four sleep labs with a central control/monitoring room and related support spaces for the sleep lab side as well. Telamon also added a common area break room, conference room and elevator with an adjacent stairwell that serve both sides of the finished space.

A successful project with Telamon Construction.

What our customers say

“I was extremely impressed with your management of this project. You handled the project in an extremely professional manner, were always prepared and detailed regarding your paperwork and logs, were upfront and honest about pricing and changes, and handled issues effectively and quickly…I look forward to the next project with Telamon.” 

Yuri Osterhout, Project Engineer, ProMedica

System Construction Management