The Hart Building after

The Hart Building After

Exterior work on the Hart Building, built in 1889, included removal of several layers of paint which had accumulated on the brick.  The next operation was cleaning of the brick, which was stained with coal dust.   Once the brick was restored to its original state, the weathered mortar joints and broken bricks were repaired and replaced.

Interior and exterior demolition, required for additional openings, supplied the brick necessary for replacement.

Finally, the exterior of the building received two coats of waterproofing and a Durolast roof was installed.

Interior work consisted of the demolition of all interior non-bearing walls.  Selected sections of bearing walls were removed and placed with structural steel to provide wide open office space on the first and second floors.  Two new fire-rated stair wells and an elevator were installed to allow access to the three floors.  Complete new electrical services, along with phone and computer connections, were established throughout the building.

Hart Building Before

The Hart Building Before

The principal tenant of the Hart building, Ohio Edison, requested that electric heat pumps be installed to provide the HVAC.  The walls were then covered with wall fabric and oak trim crown chair and base were used throughout to complete the renovation.

Location: Sandusky, Ohio